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Tumble Tots: Action Songs - Tap & Boogy (CD)

Tumble Tots: Action Songs - Tap & Boogy (CD)

Ref: AVC978

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Tumble Tots is the UK’s leading physical play programme for children from 6 months - 7 years. They have over 500 centres in the UK and around 60,000 children attending their classes every week which are designed to develop children’s physical skills of agility, balance, co-ordination and climbing, as well as their positive personality traits including self-esteem.
This year Tumble Tots will be celebrating its 30th anniversary and as part of the celebrations we present the latest addition to the Action Songs series: Tumble Tots Action Songs Tap and Boogy. There are 22 brand NEW action songs to sing and dance to, with the lyrics and actions to each song contained in the accompanying booklet. Tumble Tots Action Songs are a great way to develop co-ordination skills, so shake your bean bag and tap you’re lummi sticks as you enjoy bopping and boogying to these fun NEW songs!

1. Tapping Game
2. Counting Song
3. Bean Bag Jump
4. Tumble Tot Groove
5. Splish Splash Splosh
6. Lummi Stick Tap
7. Ribbon Song
8. Fun on the Beach
9. Boogy Woogy Shake
10. Lummi Stick Band
11. Marching Song
12. Tumble Tots Ball
13. The Scarecrow Dance
14. Point Your Lummi Sticks
15. Circle Fun!
16. Let’s Shake!
17. We Like Lycra
18. By the River
19. Listen to the Bean Bag
20. Ting-a-ling Song
21. Bean Bag Shake
22. Animal Fun!

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