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Marty Wilde: Three Classic Albums Plus (Wilde About Marty - UK Version / Showcase  / Wilde About Marty  - USA Version) (2CD)

Marty Wilde: Three Classic Albums Plus (Wilde About Marty - UK Version / Showcase / Wilde About Marty - USA Version) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1334

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AVID Pop continues with its Classic Albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release starring Marty Wilde, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details.
“Wilde About Marty (UK Version)”; “Showcase”; “Wilde About Marty (US Version);” plus 13 Bonus 7" singles
Born in London as plain old Reg Smith, our latest UK Rock ‘n’ Roll hero was one of the many young hopeful musical recipients of a new “cool” name bestowed upon him by legendary musical impresario Larry Parnes. Other recipients being, of course, the likes of Billy Fury, Vince Eager, Adam Faith and ah um Johnny Gentle. Marty would go on to find great acclaim during the pre-Beatles era of British rock n roll glory appearing regularly on the legendary TV shows 6.05 Special and Oh Boy! Alongside such other great Brit rockers as Cliff Richard, Billy Fury, Adam Faith and Joe Brown.
And we didn’t even mention Kim…..oops!

1-14: ‘Wilde About Marty - UK Version’
1. Down The Line
2. Love Of My Life
3. Put Me Down
4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
5. Dream Lover
6. You’ve Got Love
7. I Flipped
8. All American Boy
9. Mean Woman Blues
10. Are You Sincere?
11. High School Confidential
12. Don’t Pity Me
13. Splish Splash
14. So Glad Your Mine
15-26: ‘Showcase’
15. Honeycomb
16. No One Knows
17. The Fire Of Love
18. Endless Sleep
19. A Teenager In Love
20. My Heart And I
21. Donna
22. It’s Been Nice
23. Sea Of Love
24. Teenage Tears
25. Bad Boy
26. Johnny Rocco
27. Wild Cat from 7" singles
28. Love Bug Crawl from 7" singles
29. Afraid Of Love from 7" singles
30. Oh-Oh, I’m Falling In Love Again from 7" singles

1. Sing Boy Sing (Bonus Track)
2. Her Hair Was Yellow (Bonus Track)
3. My Lucky Love (Bonus Track)
4. Misery’s Child (Bonus Track)
5. Love-A, Love-A, Love-A (Bonus Track)
6. Danny (Bonus Track)
7. Angry (Bonus Track)
8. Little Girl (Bonus Track)
9. Your Seventeenth Spring (Bonus Track)
10-21: ‘Wilde About Marty - USA Version’
10. Cuttin’ Loose
11. Johnny At The Crossroads
12. Alone
13. The Fight
14. Try A Little Tenderness
15. Amapola
16. I Wanna Be Loved By You
17. Come On-a My House
18. Is This A Dream?
19. Please
20. To Be With You
21. Autumn Leaves
22. Rubber Ball from 7" singles
23. Like Makin’ Love from 7" singles
24. When Does It Get To Be Love from 7" singles
25. Your Loving Touch from 7" singles
26. Hide And Seek from 7" singles
27. Crazy Dream from 7" singles
28. Tomorrow’s Clown from 7" singles
29. The Hellions from 7" singles
30. Come Running from 7" singles

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