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Edith Piaf: The Essential Collection

Edith Piaf: The Essential Collection

Ref: AVC939

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Finally the AVID Essential Series has filled a rather important gap in its superb ongoing series of wonderfully re-mastered double CD’s.
Every self respecting record collection should have at least one Edith Piaf CD in its midst and we think this is the one you should have!
Packed with classic tracks and re-mastered to AVIDs high standards by their in house engineers, this Essential Collection brings together songs sung both in French and English and takes us on a musical journey through the life of the most famous French chanteuse of them all. Born in Paris in 1915 Edith Piaf’s early life was extremely tough losing her mother at two, helping her father perform his acrobatic act on the streets of Paris and later contracting conjunctivitis which led to a severe loss of her eyesight, legendarily “cured” by a visit to St.Theresa’s shrine at the age of twelve. She worked for the French underground during World War Two and was a huge hit in the French nightclubs where she made an impression on the American GI’s after liberation. This inevitably bought her to the attention of the USA and she performed at Carnegie Hall in 1956 and 1957.
Edith Piaf died a French heroine in 1963 after a lifetime of illness and emotional turbulence but her influence remains undiminished to this today as this fine CD testifies.

1. Adieu Mon Coeur
2. Le Petit Homme
3. La Vie En Rose
4. Dany
5. Bal Dans Ma Rue
6. Hymne A L’Amour
7. Hymn To Love
8. The Three Bells
9. La Vie En Rose
10. Simply A Waltz
11. Autumn Leaves
12. Don’t Cry
13. Chante Moi
14. My Lost Melody
15. I Shouldn’t Care
16. ‘Cause I Love You
17. Demain Il Fera Jour
18. Du Matin Jusqu’Au Soir
19. Si, Si, Si,
20. Avant L’Heure
21. Rien De Rien
22. La Valse De L’Amour
23. Padam..Padam
24. Jezebel
25. La Rue Aux Chansons

1. La Chanson De Catherine
2. Telegramme
3. Je T’Ai Dans La Peau
4. Au Bal De La Chance
5. Monsieur Et Madame
6. Notre Dame De Paris
7. Bravo Pour Le Clown
8. Jean Et Martine
9. Pour Qu’elle Soit Jolie Ma Chanson
10. Et Moi
11. L’Effet Que Tu Me Fais
12. Johnny, Tu N’Es Pas Un Ange
13. Les Amants De Venise
14. La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean
15. Sous Le Ciel De Paris
16. Enfin Le Printemps
17. Serenade Du Pave
18. Le Chemin Des Forains
19. L’Accordeoniste
20. C’Est A Hambourg
21. Soudain D’Une Vallee
22. L’Homme A La Moto
23. Les Amants D’Un Jour
24. Une Dame
25. Et Pourtant

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