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Hank Crawford: Three Classic Albums Plus (More Soul / The Soul Clinic / From The Heart) (2CD)
AVID Jazz continues with its Three Classic Album’s plus series with a re-mastered 2CD release from Hank Crawford, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details
“More Soul”; “The Soul Clinic”; “From The Heart” and “Ray Charles In Person” (featuring Hank Crawford.)
Bennie “Ross” Crawford, more popularly known as Hank Crawford found early fame in 1959 playing baritone sax for the Ray Charles band and later as his musical director from 1963. He switched to alto sax and can be heard playing both on our four fine selections. He was also well known for his many collaborations with his great pal, tenor sax titan David “Fathead” Newman and you can hear the two together again on all four of our selections.
Check out:- David “Fathead” Newman (AMSC1308), Ray Charles (AMSC1233 &1276), Cecil Payne (AMSC1150), Sonny Rollins (AMSC1311), Benny Golson (AMSC1310), Clifford Jordan (AMSC1330), Harold Land (AMSC1332), Curtis Amy (AMSC1316) and Classic Alto Sax (AMSC1292).

1-7: ‘More Soul’
1. Boo’s Tune
2. Angel Eyes
3. Four Five Six
4. The Story
5. Dat Dere
6. Misty
7. Sister Sadie
8-14: ‘The Soul Clinic’
8. Please Send Me Someone To Love
9. Easy Living
10. Playmates
11. What A Difference A Day Made
12. Me And My Baby
13. Lorelei’s Lament
14. Blue Stone

1-9: ‘From The Heart’
1. Don’t Cry Baby
2. Sweet Cakes
3. You’ve Changed
4. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
5. Sherri
6. The Peeper
7. But On The Other Hand
8. Stoney Lonesome
9. What Will I Tell My Heart?
10-16: ‘Ray Charles featuring Hank Crawford: Ray Charles In Person’
10. The Right Time
11. What’d I Say
12. Yes Indeed
13. The Spirit Feel
14. Frenesi
15. Drown In My Own Tears
16. Tell The Truth

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