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Ray Charles: Four Classic Albums (Yes Indeed / What’d I Say / Ray Charles / The Great) (2CD)

Ray Charles: Four Classic Albums (Yes Indeed / What’d I Say / Ray Charles / The Great) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1276

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AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic album series with a re-mastered 2CD second release from Ray Charles, complete with original artwork and liner notes.
“Yes Indeed!”; “What’d I Say”; “Ray Charles” and “The Great”
For those of us in music retail, Ray Charles has always presented a problem as we love to place artists into handy categories in order to file their albums in the racks in our stores or on our websites! I have lost count of how many times I have been asked by young enthusiastic sales staff, “where does Ray Charles go??” Well, what’s the answer? It could be gospel, blues, boogie woogie, jazz, R&B, soul, country, pop or God forbid even easy listening! He’s covered them all at some time in his long and distinguished career. We usually ended up popping Brother Ray in the soul section, but unquestionably his influence across all musical genres was absolutely unsurpassed. We have covered a few more of those genres in our second “Classic Albums” tribute to Ray Charles. From the all instrumental jazz of “The Great Ray Charles”, to the blues of “Ray Charles” and “Yes Indeed!” and on to the almost R&B/jazz/pop crossover album “What’d I Say” which produced one of his greatest moments and greatest hits in the title track “What’d I Say”.

1-14: ‘Yes Indeed’
1. What Would I Do Without You
2. It’s All Right
3. I Want To Know
4. Yes Indeed
5. Get On The Right Track Baby
6. Talkin’ About You
7. Swanee River Rock (Talkin’ About That River)
8. Lonely Avenue
9. Blackjack
10. The Sun’s Gonna Shine Again
11. I Had A Dream
12. I Want A Little Girl
13. Heartbreaker
14. Leave My Woman Alone
15-24: ‘What’d I Say’
15. What’d I Say Part 1 & 2
16. Jumpin’ In The Mornin’
17. You Be My Baby
18. Tell Me How Do You Feel
19. What Kind Of Man Are You
20. Rockhouse Part 1 & 2
21. Roll With My Baby
22. Tell All The World About You
23. My Bonnie
24. That’s Enough

1-14: ‘Ray Charles’
1. Ain’t That Love
2. Drown In My Own Tears
3. Come Back Baby
4. Sinner’s Prayer
5. Funny (But I Still Love You)
6. Losing Hand
7. A Fool For You
8. Hallelujah I Love Her So
9. Mess Around
10. This Little Girl Of Mine
11. Mary Ann
12. Greenbacks
13. Don’t You Know
14. I Got A Woman
15-22: ‘The Great’
15. The Ray
16. My Melancholy Baby
17. Black Coffee
18. There’s No You
19. Doodlin’
20. Sweet Sixteen Bars
21. I Surrender Dear
22. Undecided

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