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Freddie Redd: Four Classic Albums (Get Happy With Freddie Redd / The Music From “The Connection” / San Francisco Suite / Shades Of Redd) (2CD)

Freddie Redd: Four Classic Albums (Get Happy With Freddie Redd / The Music From “The Connection” / San Francisco Suite / Shades Of Redd) (2CD)

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AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic Album series with a re-mastered 2CD release from Freddie Redd, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details
“Get Happy with Freddie Redd”; “The Music From ‘The Connection’”; “San Francisco Suite” and “Shades of Redd’”
New York City born hard bop pianist Freddie Redd is perhaps best known for his score for the stage play and subsequent film of the Jack Geller written “The Connection”, which we, of course feature here in our collection. Not only did Freddie write the music but alongside fellow musicians like Jackie McLean he also starred in both the stage play and the film. Such was the project’s success that Freddie was also able to tour with the production around the States and in Europe where he played in London and Paris. Perhaps he became too associated with the play as it did not appear to lead him on to greater successes during the coming years. This is a shame as Freddie would make many fine albums, three others of which we include here. A fine, hard to find, early album recorded in Sweden alongside the Riverside release “San Francisco Suite” and another for Blue Note “Shades of Redd”. Artists Freddie Redd has played with include Tiny Grimes, Art Blakey, Ernestine Anderson, Tina Brooks, Jackie McLean, Paul Chambers, Charles Mingus, Billy Higgins and Lou Donaldson. Still going strong today, Freddie Redd is still out there on the road, completing his last tour as recently as 2013, at the tender age of 85!

1-10: ‘Get Happy with Freddie Redd’
1. Get Happy
2. Guessin’
3. Studio Blues
4. Tunnelbanan
5. Farewell To Sweden
6. Dawn Mist
7. Duo
8. Beautiful Adela
9. Ohio
10. Blues X
11-17: ‘The Music from “The Connection”’
11. Who Killed Cock Robin
12. Wiggin’
13. Music Forever
14. Time To Smile
15. Theme For Sister Salvation
16. Jim Dunn’s Dilemma
17. OD

1-7: ‘San Francisco Suite’
1. San Francisco Suite
2. Blue Hour
3. By Myself
4. Old Man River
5. Minor Interlude
6. This Is New
7. Nica Steps Out
8-14: ‘Shades Of Redd’
8. The Thespian
9. Blues Blues Blues
10. Shadows
11. Melanie
12. Swift
13. Just A Ballad For My Baby
14. Ole

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