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Duke Ellington: Four Classic Albums (Swinging Suites / At The Bal Masque / Midnight In Paris / The Count Meets The Duke First Time!) (2CD)

Duke Ellington: Four Classic Albums (Swinging Suites / At The Bal Masque / Midnight In Paris / The Count Meets The Duke First Time!) (2CD)

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New Series:- Phase Compensated Stereo; revealing hidden qualities of stereo sound.
“Swinging Suites”; “At The Bal Masque”; “Midnight in Paris”; “The Count Meets The Duke First Time!”
“Swinging Suites” kicks off our new series revealing the hidden qualities of stereo sound and here the Duke goes classical ….again! Following the success of the Ellington & Strayhorn Nutcracker Suite, the pair take on Greig’s Peer Gynt Suite No’s 1 & 2 coupled with their own Suite Thursday. For “At The Bal Masque” the Ellington band line up at the famous Bal Masque supper club at Miami Beach’s famed Americana Hotel. This time however the great man was billing himself as “his piano, his band and his orchestra”, revealing himself finally as not only the greatest band leader but also a very fine piano player! “Midnight in Paris” and here we again quote from the original liner notes to give you a flavour of what to expect within the grooves. “These songs comprise the Paris of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. Only three of the songs in the album are original Ellington compositions, but because they are creative artists who have expressed musically their love for Paris, they are all part of “Midnight in Paris”. Jazz royalty meets for our next title in this new series, “The Count Meets The Duke First Time!”. For the first time the entire bands of Duke Ellington and Count Basie join forces for a summit meeting of jazz! The Count is quoted from the original liner notes “Why it is a thrill, a pleasure and an honor, just standing there and discussing things with this great man”. As for the great man himself, he concludes “ I tried to establish a status of hostness to the mostness. I hope I succeeded”.
We hope you will discover for yourselves the hidden qualities of stereo sound.

1-9: ‘Swinging Suites’
1 . Morning Mood
2. In The Hall Of The Mountain King
3. Solvejg’s Song
4. Ase’s Death
5. Anitra’s Dance
6. Misfit Blues
7. Schwiphti
8. Zweet Zurzday
9. Lay-By
10-21: ‘At The Bal Masque’
10. Alice Blue Gown
11. Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
12. Got A Date With An Angel
13. Poor Butterfly
14. Satan Takes A Holiday
15. The Peanut Vendor
16. Satin Doll
17. Lady In Red
18. Indian Love Call
19. The Donkey Serenade
20. Gypsy Love Song
21. Laugh, Clown, Laugh
22-23: ‘Midnight In Paris’
22. Under Paris Skies
23. I Wish You Love

1-11: ‘Midnight In Paris’
1 . Mademoiselle De Paris
2. Comme Ci, Comme Ca
3. Speak To Me Of Love
4. A Midnight In Paris
5. My Heart Sings
6. Guitar Amour
7. The Petite Waltz
8. Paris Blues
9. Javapachacha
10. No Regrets
11. The River Seine
12-19: ‘The Count Meets The Duke First Time!’
12. Battle Royal
13. To You
14. Take The ‘A’ Train
15. Until I Met You
16. Wild Man
17. Segue In C
18. BDB
19. Jumpin’ At The Woodside

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