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Duke Ellington: Highlights Of The Great 1940-1942 Band (2CD)

Duke Ellington: Highlights Of The Great 1940-1942 Band (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1143

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AVID presents classic Duke Ellington music featuring “Highlights Of The Great 1940-42 Band” including original liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
49 highly prized tracks in remarkable sound quality. Some quotes from the original liner notes:- “No one has combined jazz composition, orchestra and performance with more telling effect than Duke Ellington”. “Ellington admirers will welcome this set, embracing under one cover ten of his most original and varied works from a period representing a peak in his highly productive career. Not only was his band crammed with the greatest galaxy of talent that it ever contained, it was also the point when his creative powers were stretched to the utmost logical limits of the “three minute” musical form.” “This is not only a set of Ellington masterpieces, it also goes a long way towards unfolding the unique process by which his orchestra has undoubtedly become the most creative unit jazz has ever known”. Phew! You gotta hear this stuff! And to conclude with a quote from Digby Fairweather’s liner notes; “One of the joys of this collection - a direct tribute to Dave Bennett’s supreme skills as engineer - is (for the first time) to pick up clearly on such small artistic brush-strokes which helped turn Ellington’s works into instant masterpieces and (significantly) into music which commands repeated listening and study today..every track in this collection is seminal music reminding us with brilliant new clarity that we shall not hear it’s like again.”
All tracks plus have been digitally re-mastered.

1. Jack The Bear
2. Morning Glory
3. So Far, So Good
4. Ko-Ko
5. Conga Brava
6. Concerto For Cootie
7. Me And You
8. Cotton Tail
9. Never No Lament
10. Dusk
11. Bojangles
12. A Portrait Of Bert Williams
13. Blue Goose
14. Harlem Air Shaft
15. At A Dixie Roadside Diner
16. All Too Soon
17. Rumpus In Richmond
18. My Greatest Mistake
19. Sepia Panorama
20. In A Mellotone
21. The Five O’Clock Whistle
22. Pitter Panther Patter
23. Body And Soul
24. Sophisticated Lady
25. Mr. J.B.Blues

1. Warm Valley
2. The Flaming Sword
3. Across The Track Blues
4. Chlo-e
5. The Sidewalks Of New York
6. Flamingo
7. Take The “A” Train
8. Jumpin’ Punkins
9. John Hardy’s Wife
10. Blue Serge
11. After All
12. Bakiff
13. Are You Sticking?
14. Just A-Settin’ And A-Rockin’
15. The Giddybug Gallop
16. Chocolate Shake
17. I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good
18. Clementine
19. Move Over Cuba
20. Five O’Clock Drag
21. Chelsea Bridge
22. Raincheck
23. Perdido
24. The “C” Jam Blues

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