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Shelly Manne: Three Classic Albums Plus (Peter Gunn / Son Of Gunn / Bells Are Ringing) (2CD)
AVID Jazz here presents three classic Shelly Manne albums plus including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
“Peter Gunn”; “Son Of Gunn”; “Bells Are Ringing” and selections from “Li’l Abner”
Our first selection “Peter Gunn” was composed by prolific soundtrack maestro Henry Mancini, who gave the project over to Shelly Manne to create a jazz influenced soundtrack! And boy did he come up with the goods! Manne assembled a top team of seasoned jazz professionals including Victor Feldman, Conte Candoli, Herb Geller, Russ Freeman and Monty Budwig for the January 1959 recording date. Mancini had urged Manne to “use the compositions as points of departure for creating personal jazz performances.” Job well done we say! Jump forward to May 1959 for “Son Of Gunn” again composed by Henry Mancini for the American TV series. Following the same approach as the first album where Mancini had urged Manne to use the arrangements as jumping off points for jazz improvisation. The only change now was in the personnel, Joe Gordon had replaced Candoli on trumpet and Richie Kamuca had come in on tenor to replace Herb Geller on alto! We have another soundtrack interpretation for our next selection. The Broadway musical “Bells Are Ringing” with music by Jules Stryne and a band line up joining Shelly Manne of Red Mitchell on bass and young genius composer, arranger, conductor and musician Andre Previn on piano! Finally we have selections from another interpretation of a famous soundtack “Li’l Abner” a show based on the famous American cartoon Al Capp which hit Broadway as a musical in 1956. By 1957 Shelly Manne, Andre Previn and Leroy Vinnegar had turned the score composed by Johnny Mercer and Gene de Paul into nine modern jazz performances.
All three albums plus have been digitally re-mastered.

1-10: ‘Peter Gunn’
1. Peter Gunn
2. The Floater
3. Sorta Blue
4. The Brothers Go To Mother’s
5. Soft Sounds
6. Fallout
7. Slow And Easy
8. Brief And Breezy
9. Dreamsville
10. A Profound Gass
11-19: ‘Son Of Gunn’
11. Odd Ball
12. Blue Steel
13. Joanna
14. Goofin’ At The Coffee House
15. Walkin’ Bass
16. My Manne Shelly
17. Blues For Mother’s
18. A Quiet Gass
19. Lightly

1: ‘Son Of Gunn’
1. Spook!
2-11: ‘Bells Are Ringing’
2. I Met A Girl
3. Just In Time
4. Independent (On My Own)
5. The Party’s Over (ballad version)
6. It’s A Perfect Relationship
7. Is It A Crime?
8. Better Than A Dream
9. Mu-Cha-Cha
10. Long Before I Knew You
11. The Party’s Over (up-tempo version)
12. Jubilation T.Cornpone from Li’l Abner
13. The Country’s In The Very Best Of Hands from Li’l Abner
14. If I Had My Druthers from Li’l Abner
15. Unnecessary Town from Li’l Abner
16. Matrimonial Stomp from Li’l Abner
17. Oh, Happy Day from Li’l Abner
18. Namely You from Li’l Abner

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