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Jimmy Raney: Four Classic Albums Plus (A / Jimmy Raney Featuring Bob Brookmeyer / Jimmy Raney Visits Paris / Jimmy Raney Plays) (2CD)

Jimmy Raney: Four Classic Albums Plus (A / Jimmy Raney Featuring Bob Brookmeyer / Jimmy Raney Visits Paris / Jimmy Raney Plays) (2CD)

Ref: AMSC1051

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AVID Jazz here presents four classic Jimmy Raney albums plus including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
A much travelled jazz guitarist Jimmy Raney was born in Louisville Kentucky in 1927, the son of a prominent newspaperman. Starting his musical career in 1944 with the Jerry Wald band, Jimmy would spend time with among others Max Miller and Lou Levy, toured with Woody Herman, worked with Al Haig, Buddy De Franco and Artie Shaw and in 1950 joined up with the Stan Getz Quintet to produce a unique sounding combo sound during their two years together. By 1953 he was on the move again this time hooking up with Red Norvo. Along the way Jimmy found time to make his own music and take the opportunity of being the frontman instead of the sideman. Our four selections find him joined by among others Hall Overton on piano, Red Mitchell on bass and Osie Johnson on drums for “A” and our single track from “In Three Attitudes” the wonderful “Indian Summer”. For “Jimmy Raney Featuring Bob Brookmeyer” Jimmy is joined by surprise, surprise the superb valve trombonist ( and, sadly, recently deceased) Bob Brookmeyer alongside two pianists Hank Jones and Dick Katz, with Osie again on drums and Teddy Kotick on bass. In 1954 Jimmy recorded “Jimmy Raney Visits Paris” having just been voted French magazines “Le Hot Jazz”, Number One Guitarist!. The album was cut with local musicians while Jimmy took a break from touring in Paris For “Jimmy Raney Plays” we can delight in hearing three Raney compositions (and one Monk for good measure!) This album is also important as it features Jimmy very much in the foreground having for so long played a subordinate role in his previous bands. Joined by stalwarts Osie Johnson and Red Mitchell and on tenor sax a chap called “Sven Coolson” (otherwise known to you and me as Stan Getz). “Jimmy Raney Plays” features some of Jimmys’ best recorded work to date. A fitting way to conclude our tribute to a great if underrated and perhaps unsung guitarist, Jimmy Raney
All four albums plus have been digitally re-mastered for probably the finest ever sound quality!

1-12: ‘A’
1. Minor
2. Some Other Spring
3. Double Image
4. On The Square
5. Spring Is Here
6. One More For The Mode
7. What’s New
8. Tomorrow Fairly Cloudy
9. A Foggy Day
10. Someone To Watch Over Me
11. Cross Your Heart
12. You Don’t Know What Love Is
13-19: ‘Jimmy Raney Featuring Bob Brookmeyer’
13. Isn’t It Romantic
14. How Long Has This Been Going On?
15. No Male For Me
16. The Flag Is Up
17. Get Off That Roof
18. Jim’s Tune
19. No One But Me

1: ‘Jimmy Raney Featuring Bob Brookmeyer’
1. Too Late Now
1-12: ‘Jimmy Raney Visits Paris’
2. Tres Chouette
3. Imagination
4. Dinah
5. Love For Sale
6. Have You Met Miss Jones
7. What’s New
8. Fascinating Rhythm
9. Too Marvelous For Words
10. Cherokee
11. Everything Happens To Me
12. Night And Day
13. Someone To Watch Over Me
14-17: ‘Jimmy Raney Plays’
14. Motion
15. Lee
16. Signal
17. ‘Round About Midnight
18. Indian Summer from In Three Attitudes

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