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Tubby Hayes: Three Classic Albums Plus (The Jazz Couriers - In Concert / The Couriers Of Jazz / Tubby’s Groove) (2CD)

Tubby Hayes: Three Classic Albums Plus (The Jazz Couriers - In Concert / The Couriers Of Jazz / Tubby’s Groove) (2CD)

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AVID Jazz here presents three classic Tubby Hayes albums “The Jazz Couriers - In Concert”, “The Couriers Of Jazz”,
“Tubby’s Groove” plus four tracks from “Pub Crawling with Jimmy Deuchar”.
Hailed as “England’s greatest jazz combo”, Ronnie Scott and Tubby Hayes formed the Couriers to bring their message
to the world that British jazz was alive and kicking! Joined by Terry Shannon on piano, Phil Bates on bass and Bill
Eyden on drums we find them on a double bill with Dave Brubeck live at the Dominion Theatre in early February
1958. Wearing their influences on their sleeves, Brubeck was heard to declare “They sound more like an American
band than we do”. Moving ahead to November 1958 and the Couriers had been joined by Jeff Clyne on bass for a
recording in London which clearly shows how British jazz was beginning to take it to their American cousins! For
“Tubby’s Groove”, Tubs steps out from the Couriers for the first time but is in familiar company with Shannon and
Clyne and joining them on drums, the legendary and phenomenal Phil Seamen! Completed by four classic sides
featuring the hard hitting, searing sound of Tubby’s tenor alongside trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar from “Pub Crawling”
where the band pay tribute to the fine art of beer drinking!
All three albums plus, have been digitally re-mastered for probably the finest sound quality ever!

1-8: ‘The Jazz Couriers - In Concert’
1. What Is This Thing Called Love?
2. Some Of My Best Friends Are Blues
3. The Serpent
4. Guys And Dolls
5. Time Was
6. Speak Low
7. Cheek To Cheek
8-14: ‘The Couriers Of Jazz’
8. Mirage
9. After Tea
10. Stop The World, I Want To Get Off!
11 . In Salah
12. Star Eyes
13. The Monk
14. My Funny Valentine

1: ‘The Couriers Of Jazz’
1. Day In, Day Out
2-7: ‘Tubbys Groove’
2. Tin Tin Deo
3. Embers
4. Like Someone In Love
5. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
6. Sunny Monday
7. Blue Hayes
8-11: ‘Pub Crawling’
8. IPA Special
9. Treble Gold
10. Bass House
11. Final Selection
12: ‘Speak Low’
12. On A Misty Night

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