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Various Artists: Great Broadway Shows (4CD BoxSet)

Various Artists: Great Broadway Shows (4CD BoxSet)

Ref: AMBX144

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AVID Entertainment are proud to present a wonderfully re-mastered 4 CD Box Set of Original Cast Recordings from the Great Broadway Shows. We have put together six classic shows and a revue for the latest release in our highly successful Gold Remasters series.
Amongst the highlights we feature The King And I, starring the legendary Gertrude Lawrence and an upcoming young actor named Yul Bryner, who went on to make the role his own and of course was to receive the Oscar in 1956 for the film version.
The inimitable Ethel Merman stars in the rousing Annie Get Your Gun considered to be Irving Berlin's masterpiece. With Oklahoma we witness the fruits of the first partnership between Rodgers and Hammerstein, which went on to run for over 2000 performances.
Another masterpiece in our collection is Kiss Me Kate written by Cole Porter and perfomed over 1000 times after it's opening in 1948.
With Paint Your Wagon we hear a great Leorner and Lowe score four years before they went on to write the classic My Fair Lady and of course we all remember the film with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood attempting to sing in tune!
Completed by Kismet, (the Arabian Nights story set to the music of Borodin) and a fine revue, New Faces of 1952 this splendid Re-mastered 4 x CD Box Set is an exciting addition to the AVID range.

1. Overture
2. I Whistle A Happy Tune
3. My Lord And Master
4. Hello Young Lovers
5. March Of The Siamese Children
6. A Puzzlement
7. Getting To Know You
8. We Kiss In A Shadow
9. Shall I Tell You What I Think Of You?
10. Something Wonderful
11. I Have Dreamed
12. Shall We Dance?

13. Doin' What Comes Naturally
14. The Girl That I Marry
15. You Can't Get A Man With A Gun
16. They Say It's Wonderful
17. Moonshine Lullaby
18. My Defenses Are Down
19. I'm An Indian Too
20. I Got Lost In His Arms
21. Who Do You Love, I Hope
22. I Got The Sun In The Morning
23. Anything You Can Do
24. There's No Business Like Show Business

1. Overture
2. Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'
3. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
4. Kansas City
5. I Cain't Say No
6. Many A New Day
7. People Will Say We're In Love
8. Pore Jud Is Daid
9. Out Of My Dreams
10. All Er Nothin'
11. Oklahoma!
12. Finale

13. I'm On My Way
14. Rumson
15. What's Goin' On Here?
16. I Talk To The Trees
17. They Call The Wind Maria
18. I Still See Elisa
19. How Can I Wait?
20. In Between
21. Whoop-Ti-Ay!
22. Carino Mio
23. There's A Coach Comin' In
24. Hand Me Down That Can O' Beans
25. Another Autumn
26. All For Him
27. Wand'rin' Star

1. a) Overture; b) Sands Of Time; c) Rhymes Have I
2. Fate
3. Bazaar Of The Caravans
4. Not Since Niveneh
5. Baubles, Bangles And Beads
6. Stranger In Paradise
7. He's In Love
8. Gesticulate
9. Night Of My Nights
10. Was I Wazir?
11. Rahadlakum
12. And This Is My Beloved
13. The Olive Tree
14. Zubbediya, Samaris' Dance
15. Finale - Sands Of Time

16. Opening
17. Lucky Pierre
18. a) He Takes Me Off His Income Tax b) Boston Beguine
19. Love Is A Simple Thing
20. a) He Takes Me Off His Income Tax b) Nanty Puts Her Hair Up
21. Guess Who I Saw Today

NEW FACES OF 1952:- (Cont.)
1. Bal Petit Bal
2. a) He Takes Me Off His Income Tax
b) Medley: Three For The Road: I) Raining Memories; II) Waltzing In Venice; III) Take Off The Mask
3. Penny Candy
4. Don't Fall Asleep
5. a) He Takes Me Off His Income Tax b) I'm In Love With Miss Logan
6. Monotonous
7. Lizzie Borden

8. a) Overture; b) Another Openin' Another Show
9. Why Can't You Behave?
10. Wunderbar
11. So In Love With You Am I
12. We Open In Venice
13. Tom, Dick Or Harry
14. I've Come To Wive It Wealthily In Padua
15. I Hate Men
16. Were Thine That Special Face
17. Too Darn Hot
18. Where Is The Life That Late I Led?
19. Always True To You In My Fashion
20. Bianca
21. So In Love With You I Am (Reprise)
22. Brush Up Your Shakespeare
23. a) I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple b) Finale: So Kiss Me, Kate

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