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Joe Loss: The Essential Collection (2CD)

Joe Loss: The Essential Collection (2CD)

Ref: AVC914

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Following the runaway success of AVID’s earlier release Ballroom Dancing: The Essential Collection (AVC 896) and a flood of emails demanding we give him his own CD, we are pleased to present an entire double CD devoted to the greatest British band leader of the 20th century…Joshua Alexander Loss, better known as just plain Joe Loss!
We begin our story way back in 1933 with a side from his very first recording session titled Happy Endings which includes Joe’s first signature tune “Let’s Dance At The Make Believe Ballroom.”
Here we feature Joe performing with top vocalists of the day Monte Ray and Chick Henderson as well as his fine instrumental work like Woodchoppers Ball, Oasis and Southern Fried.
As we discovered with the “Ballroom Dancing” CD Joe became synonymous with strict tempo dance records and CD2 is rightly made up of these sides recorded between 1949 and 1956.
Joe continued performing for nearly sixty years before sadly passing away in 1990 at the age of 80 the same year that he gave up the baton!

1. Let’s Dance At The Make-Believe Ballroom (Vocalists: The Blue Notes)
2. Happy Ending (Vocalist: Jimmy Mesene)
3. Over My Shoulder (Vocalist: Harry Case)
4. Fare Thee Well, Annabelle
5. A Little Rendezvous In Honolulu (Vocalists: Monte Rey & trio)
6. Counting Crotchets In My Sleep (Vocalists: Clem Stevens & trio)
7. Boo-Hoo (Vocalists: Betty Dale & The Blue Notes)
8. This Year’s Kisses (Vocalist: Clem Stevens)
9. Change Partners (Vocalist: Chick Henderson)
10. A-Tisket, A-Tasket (Vocalist: Clem Stevens)
11. Penny Serenade (Vocalist: Monte Rey)
12. I’m Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) (Vocalist: Clem Stevens)
13. Two Sleepy People (Vocalist: Chick Henderson)
14. Song Of India (Vocalist: Rose Alper)
15. South Of The Border (Vocalist: Monte Rey)
16. Begin The Beguine (Vocalist: Chick Henderson)
17. Woodchopper’s Ball
18. My Prayer (Vocalist: Chick Henderson)
19. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (Vocalist: Paula Greene)
20. Amapola (Vocalist: Monte Rey)
21. Oasis
22. My Beautiful Sarie Marais (Vocalist: Harry Kaye)
23. A Gal In Calico (Vocalists: Elizabeth Batey & quartet)
24. Southern Fried
25. Beautiful Eyes (Vocalists: Elizabeth Batey & The Orchestra)
26. In The Mood

1. Quickstep: Blue Room
2. Quickstep: How High The Moon?
3. Quickstep: Button Up Your Overcoat
4. Waltz: Poème (In Your Eyes)
5. Waltz: Babette
6. Waltz: Changing Partners
7. Foxtrot: Have You Ever Been Lonely?
8. Foxtrot: Laura
9. Foxtrot: Blue Star (The ‘Medic’ Theme)
10. Quickstep: You’re The Cream In My Coffee
11. Quickstep: A Foggy Day
12. Quickstep: People Will Say We’re In Love
13. Slow Foxtrot: J’Attendrai
14. Slow Foxtrot: Lovely To Look At
15. Tango: A Media Luz (Tell Me Marianne)
16. Tango: Oh Donna Clara
17. Waltz: Fascination
18. Waltz: Remember
19. Waltz: Evermore
20. Foxtrot: Stars Shine In Your Eyes featuring Frank Gillespie (alto saxophone)
21. Foxtrot: Deep Purple
22. Foxtrot: April In Paris featuring Frank Gillespie (alto saxophone)
23. Quickstep: Festival Hop
24. Quickstep: Moonlight And Roses
25. Quickstep: Swedish Rhapsody
26. Viennese Waltz: The Petite Waltz
27. Waltz: It’s Almost Tomorrow
28. Waltz: Goodnight

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