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Mantovani: The Essential Collection (2CD)

Mantovani: The Essential Collection (2CD)

Ref: AVC889

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Let’s go back to a time when tunes mattered and join Annunzio Paolo Mantovani as he serenades us with a host of wonderful timeless melodies.
Better known to millions as simply Mantovani , he was a global superstar in an age before rock n roll.
AVID’s latest addition in the Essential Collection series features many of the great man's finest tunes including the million seller Charmaine which introduced the world to the “tumbling” and “cascading” string effect that was to become Mantovani’s enduring trademark.
Still remembered today via a worldwide fan club it’s time to sample the delights of the man with the single name that influenced a generation of single name artists from Madonna to Prince, Sting to Bono, Cher and even our very own Morrissey!
Relax and let the music wash over you taking you to another time when melody was king.

1. Swedish Rhapsody
2. Candlelight
3. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
4. Blue Fantasy
5. Merry-Go-Round
6. Stradivarius
7. Gold And Silver Waltz
8. Jamaican Rumba
9. Diane
10. Greensleeves
11. Music Box Tango
12. Ramona
13. Moonlight Serenade
14. Beautiful Dreamer
15. Luxembourg Polka
16. Shadow Waltz
17. Love, Here Is My Heart
18. Lovely Lady
19. Longing
20. The Song from ‘Moulin Rouge’
21. Heart Of Paris
22. Take My Love
23. Spring In Montmartre
24. Song Of Sorrento
25. Mexicali Rose
26. It Happened In Monterey
27. Charmaine

1. Warsaw Concerto (featuring Rawicz & Landauer)
2. Serenata D’Amore (featuring Rawicz & Landauer)
3. The Dream Of Olwen (featuring Rawicz & Landauer)
4. Dance Of The Comedians
5. Pas De Deux from ‘Giselle’
6. Dance Of The Hours - Finale
7. The Legend Of The Glass Mountain (featuring Rawicz & Landauer)
8. The Story Of Three Loves (featuring Rawicz & Landauer)
9. Cornish Rhapsody (featuring Rawicz & Landauer)
10. If I Loved You
11. Wunderbar
12. I’ve Never Been In Love Before
13. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered
14. I Talk To The Trees
15. Some Enchanted Evening
16. Blue Danube
17. Voices Of Spring
18. Roses From The South
19. A Thousand And One Nights
20. Treasure Waltz
21. Brass Buttons

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